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Qatar NEAR Challenge Preis des DRAV e.V.

Race details - Qatar NEAR Challenge Preis des DRAV e.V.

Date 28-08-2013
By Baden-Baden , GERMANY
Race Track Baden-Baden
Distance 1600 m
Ground raced on gras
Qualification 3 + Years
Additional Qualification
Weight 3 yo 54 kg. 4 yo 61 kg. 5 y and up 61.5 kg. Penalties: For each win since 01.08.2012 1 kg more; For each 2nd or 3rd place since 01.08.2012 0.5 kg more
Allowances Mares & Fillies 2 kg
Listed PA Race No
Sheik Mansoor Festival Race No
Prize Money 5000.00 EUR
Additional Prize Money
Race Info 3yo and older Purebred Arabian Horses (P/A) WAHO registered,holding IFAHR accepted pedigree. “Any horse, registered in a WAHO (World Arabian Horse Organisation) accepted studbook is eligible for racing under IFAHR rules, providing it traces in the first two generations* entirely to horses, which, when parentage verified, do so in accordance with the original blood sample or DNA sample taken at their initial registration”. *partens and grandparents Restricted to horses bred or owned or trained in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia or Switzerland and have never been placed: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th in a Group I race 1st, 2nd, 3rd , 4th in a Group 2 race 1st , 2nd or 3rd in a Group3 race
Entry Fees 100.00 EUR
Entries 7



AJS Amjad

By Majd Al Arab ex Temptayshuhn

52.00 kg , 2,400.00 EUR

  • Owner :- Al Jeryan Stud
  • Trainer :- Mr. Michael Trybuhl
  • Jockey :- Miss R. Danz

AJS Qahir

By Martin Al Maury ex AF A'ajabatani

54.00 kg , 1,150.00 EUR

  • Owner :- Al Jeryan Stud
  • Trainer :- Mr. Michael Trybuhl
  • Jockey :- Mr. Marvin Suerland


By Barour de Cardonne ex Amerella

61.00 kg , 600.00 EUR

  • Owner :- Mrs M. Scharfenberg
  • Trainer :- Kim Augenbroe Horseracing
  • Jockey :- G. Braem

Valentin (FR)

By Amer ex Naira

62.00 kg , 400.00 EUR

  • Owner :- Mrs G. Kok-Cornet
  • Trainer :- Mr. C.J.M. Wolters
  • Jockey :- St. Hellyn


By Makzan ex Ludmillah

59.50 kg , 300.00 EUR

  • Owner :- Mrs H. Klein
  • Trainer :- Miss M. Weber
  • Jockey :- Mr Rene Piechulek


By Amer ex Ba´scherit

59.00 kg , 150.00 EUR

  • Owner :- Eng. Osama Omer E Al Dafea
  • Trainer :- Kim Augenbroe Horseracing
  • Jockey :- Miss Jadey Pietrasiewicz

Pandoro (GER)

By Normative (RUS) ex Poema

62.50 kg ,

  • Owner :- E. Soltau
  • Trainer :- Mrs. D.A.K. Dorenberg
  • Jockey :- Mr Adrie De Vries